Support For Productivity Software

ITtechlive Certified Technicians can help you resolve all problems related with your desktop, laptops, or notebooks, or tablet computers. global pharmacy canada problems. We support all major manufacturers of computers includingAi??Dell,Hewlett Packard,Ai??Lenovo,Ai??Acer,Ai??Sony,Ai??Panasonic, and most otherAi??IBMAi??compatible PCs that use Microsoft WindowsAi??operating system.

Our can help with a variety of different type of problems. We can install critical updates and Microsoft service packs required by certain applications forAi??Windows XP,Ai??Windows Vista, and other operating system. Using our suite of proprietary and Open Source Virus detection software we can detect PC viruses remove them to ensure that your security is not compromised. We can even install device drivers for new devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, mp3 players and save you a lot of hassle and headaches.


Typical Applications Problems Fixed

Following are a few examples of Application Support services that ITtechlive certified Technicians can resolve.

  • Installation of specific upgrades or packages for your Microsoft Office application suite such as Microsoft 2010 Language Pack
  • Setting up and installing Access database applications, creating Access forms, and queries for Microsoft Access 2010
  • Restoring missing files, folders and other important data created by applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access,Adobe.
  • Tuning up your computer and make it run faster by removing unused applications, fixing the registry file, cleaning up your desktop