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Local and mot actions (g, ythma, osion, xcoiation, dma, itching, buning, sonss), hadach, lu-lik symptoms, myalgia, hypo- hyppigmntation.

Imiquimod will not potct against sxually tansmittd disass such as chlamydia, gonoha, hps, HIV, syphilis, and tichomoniasis.

Gnital/anal wats a causd by a vius calld human papillomavius (HPV). Sinc imiquimod dos not dstoy th vius but only hlps tliminat th wat, nw wats may om, vn whil you a bing tatd. You may alsb abl tinct any sxual patn whcoms intcontact with th aas skin inctd with HPV.

This is not a complt list possibl sid cts. I you notic oth cts not listd abov, contact you doctphamacist.

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